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I want......

I went for my second walk today and added on a block to my route. It took me the same amount of time the second time around even with the extra block added. It is all good. I think I may go and buy an MP3 player do that I can listen to music while I walk. Listening to birds is nice and all, but like I need a change in my walking route, I think I need a change in sounds too. we shall see. Maybe it will have to be a reward to myself when I reach a certain lb loss.

I think getting back on the wagon will be a little easier than I thought it would be and I am very excited about more weight loss. Even though I maintained my previous weight loss, I would certainly like to lose more. I have not been back to the doctors for a check up for about a month and a half now so maybe I have lost a little more than I think. I do know that I have lost enough to move down a pant size in a pair of capris that I purchased 2 weeks ago. So yup it is back on the wagon for me.
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