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My Heart feels like this at times.

First thing I see when I log on to the net this morning is a story headlineing my AOL home page. Katherine from AI has been struggling with an eating disorder for a good portion of her life. To read the story on Kat go HERE. After reading her struggles and day to day recovery, I can honestly say that I can identify with her in more ways than one. I have not only thought about throwing up the food that I have eaten, but I have succeeded in doing so. What has helped me from going down the road to full blown bulemia is the simple fact that I hate to throw up and could not continue with it. That is not to say that I still do not think along these lines. I know that it is certainly not the best way to lose the weight and in knowing this, Katherine has no idea how she has inspired mne to lose weight the right way. Every day seems to be a struggle but in the end I know that the results are right for I have sone it right. I suppose one could say that I identify with Kat in the complete opposite way.
As I continue doing what is right I will continue to remind myself that I am not the only one with these issues. Way to go Kat for getting help! Thanks for the inspiration:)

Now it is off for my walk:)
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