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The walk

I am still having some issues with the whole toning up my body and gaining muscle weight versus losing more fat weight. I wish that my plateau would start slopping back down again. I have no issues with dropping pant sizes but it is still a little discouraging to see that only one pound has fallen off. Currently I have dropped down to a 22 pant size. 4 pant sizes if you count them single sizes or 2 if they are split double. I am finding that even a single sized 22 is a little lose after wearing it for a day or so. Don't get me wrong it's not that I am complaining, but the end results of this is a little discouraging. Especially when I know that muscle weighs more than fat.

I couple of months back I purchased 2 pairs of Jessica Simpson Jeans from my store. Both on clearance both in a size 20. They are supposed to be my inspiration pants, and I hope to fit into both of them by the fall. I know it sounds extreme, and I hope that I am not setting myself up for a fall. We shall see.

This past Thursday, I walked to work. Yup I finally did it. A total of 6.7 miles. I was pretty happy with myself. I certainly could not have done that even 3 months ago. (look out Dan and Amanda I am catching up to your standards with my walking/hiking skills) It feels good to know that I am capable of this kind of distance. It took me just under 2 hours. Not the best time but whatever I did it and that is all that counts.

I hope to have La Rae take some more pictures of me so I can post the very first ones that I took, and the 'new' ones. Just so that I can see the difference. Maybe than I will actually be a little happier with my accomplishments thus far.
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