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When it rains it pours.

I just wanted to extend my thanks to those of you who kept me in your thoughts last week. It is nice to know that I have people in my life that care so much, and your sympathies are greatly appreciated, and helped me get through the rough spots. I am certainly not where I want to be with my sadness, but I suppose that I should give myself time. I think that it will take a lot longer than I was originally thought.

I have spoken to my mother everyday since last Sunday. I think that she is feeling sort of lonely with my dad gone. It has been good to talk with her though. My relationship has really grown since I have gotten married and live on my own. I can't help but bitch and complain, not about her, but about the distance between us. I hate the fact that at times like this I can't just hop in the car and go to be with my family. I am really starting to feel the distance. LaRae has offered to pay for a flight home over a long weekend, but realisticly it will not work. Especially now that I must have a passport to cross the border (Canadian green card holders anyway) *note to self......go to NYC Canadian Embassy to get passport renewed....and make a day trip out of it.....youngwoman6703 are you up for a 'fruitful' trip to NYC with me??????* Bottom line is I would like to be closer to my family but at the same time I don't want to pull LaRae to far from his. I think right smack dab in the middle would be great for me! My dad comes home tomorrow, and I would love to be there when he does.

To top off an emotional roller coaster of a week, I woke up on Friday morning with a scratchy throat......uhoh....here we go. I just got finished telling my mom on Thursday that we were almost through the winter and I still had not gotten sick. I spoke way to soon. It felt like a Mack Truck slammed right into my upper torso. My chest hurts, my head is all clogged up, and I freakin ache all over. I think that I may make an appointment with the Doc. tomorrow depending on how I feel when I get done work this evening. I have no intentions of letting this move into my chest and becoming full blown bronchitis. Yuck! I thought that by eating healthy and putting good foods into my body, plus vitamins etc....I would fly through the season scott free. I spoke way to soon. My mom blames my immune system 'crash' on the whirlwind of emotions that I have been having over the last week. I am not sure if she is right but it does make some logical sense. Speaking of my eating and 'life change', I did go to the doctors last monday for my 6 week check up, and to my surprise I had lost a total of 21.5lbs. Whoa GO ME!!! The downside to that....being off from work for four days and being under the stresses that I was, I ate way to much of the right foods, and gained a pound back. *cries* A minor set back. I just need to get back on track. I did however treat myself, like I said I would, with the Second Season of Sex and the City on DVD. I have raised the pound loss for the next season though. I have to lose 15 lbs to get season 3. I do believe that I have my work cut out for me. It is going to take a little longer this time around, especially now that I have this nasty ass cold, and already feel too drained to excercise. That does suck.....especially since I can't freakin breathe as it is! I hope this does not last too long. I want to get back INTO IT!!!!!!!!

Now I must go to work so that I can infect more people and not feel alone with my infected self. Wish I could stay home, but not possible this time around. *sighs and coughs at the same time*
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