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Sweating like a pig:-P

I feel so good right now. I decided last night while in bed that I was going to go for a walk this morning. In the past I have had the same exact thaught but never ever did anything about it. I would get up and then be like "I don't wanna go out, I would rather sit at the computer and play" and than I would do just that. Well I have conquered the 'I don't wanna' and went. It was not long, but it was a good brisk walkk out in the heat and humidity. About a mile long. I do feel good though despite the sweat. I might jinx myself by saying what I am going to say next but here goes.........I want to try and do this every day!!!!!!!

Now I am off to shower and get ready for work:)

I feel renewed!

Since it has been forever and a day since I posted in the community that I made just for this type of thing. I figured that this entry would be the best thing to kick start getting back on the wagon.

Yes I did fall off the wagon. Not proud of it but I can at least see my faults and work towards fixing them.

Here's to getting back on the wagon!
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