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Yawn Yawn Yawn......

I have found that I need to be more consistant with my routine. Not so much with the activities that I do while I am awakje, but more so in reference to my sleep. I open today at work and I have no ambition to get up and go because I was up late last night chatting with a friend on the phone. What I realy need to do is set a better bed time for myself. Walking and regular activity is great, but if my body is screaming for sleep because I did do my exercise in the morning than I should be getting to bed at a decent hour. I felt wonderful after my walk.......which by the way I added yet another block to my route......but I should have gone to bed at 10:30 or so instead of 1 in the morning. Now as a result I did not get up when I wanted to and have lessened my chances of a good long, brisk walk. It kinda makes me angry that my time is limited now. So the next thing is to get myself on a good sleep schedule as well.

On my walk yesterday my added block took me right past my doctors office. I stopped in to inquire about the use of the weigh scale there. Mine is a piece of scrap metal and it is my own fault for it now working right. I moved it every time I wanted to use it. Anyway they gave me permission to use the scale in the doctors office every 2 weeks so that I can keep better track of my progress. So I hoped on to the scale to find that I have not lost any more weight, but I have maintained the weight that I lost. I need to lose another 5 lbs so I can buy season 3 of Sex and The City on DVD, and a little more than a month before I go back for my 3 month blood work. My little goal to meet my big goal is 7 lbs before my next appointment in August.

Now I have about 20 minutes of free time to go and have a 15 min. walk.
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