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Bras and Weight loss

Okay so we all know that when you lose the weight you tend to lose in the last place that you put it on. Ha! I do believe that this is way off. For I have not gained weight in the 'sisters' and the sisters are getting smaller. I went bra shopping yesterday and walked out of Lane Bryant seriously depressed for when I got fitted I went from a C cup down to a B 1/2 cup. WTF!! Yes apparently this is true. So I have a few problems with this.

1. Just because I am a 'BIG GIRL', does not mean that I am big chested girl. So in other words make a bra that is going to fit the odd, uneven, unmatched and unperportioned (<---new word) girl. I need and want to find a cute girly girl bra. Something with support and cute all at the same time. Apparently the men who design these bras are on crack and probably womanless for they have no clue what the hell they are doing.

2. I hate the fact that along with losing weight in other areas of my body, I am losing my chest too. I hates this part. Why!?!?!?! I don't wanna lose the little that I have! Damn it sucks.

Alas I will continue to lose the weight and try my best to drop another pant/bra size!

Speaking of which....can someone please take a second to explain this to me......How is it that I have not dropped another ounce in the past 2 weeks, but I have dropped a pant size????? Not that I am complaining that I now must buy a smaller size, but I wanna lose more weight too. I am so confused and I hate confusion! It is simply is not good for my brain. It puts it into overdrive and well quite frankly it does not help me lose any more weight.

*sigh* Why must this whole thing be so difficult. I needs a hug!
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