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I had my first A1C test in three months on Tuesday. My last test revealed some not so great results at the time. I knew that they would. It's funny how one knows the results of a blood test even before it has been tested. Coming out of surgery I knew that I had not been very good to myself and my body and I expected bad results. You know the old saying "Garbage in, Garbage out." That is exactly what I was doing while sitting around during surgery leave...putting crap into my body. I could expect nothing less than to have garbage come out....oh that did not sound right lol. Anyway I am very positive about this test. After 3 full weeks of eating right counting calories and watching what I have been putting into my body I am pretty excited about what they will reveal. While getting my tests done I also got a weigh in. I don't trust my weigh scale all that much it seems to have a little mind of it's own but I know that the doctors offices is awesome. My results.......drum roll please........I am 4 pounds away from my lightest last summer. I am so thrilled with these results. I can't even tell you how much this means to me. It is a nice number to see on the scale.

Last summer youngwoman6703 and I went shopping and I bought a pair of work pants in a size 22. They fit me then not great but good enough. I tried them on after my surgery and it was a no go. Major muffin top going on and I did not like it one bit. Yesterday I pulled the same pair of pants out of my closet and put them on.....to my surprise they were to big. Needed a belt, and I tied that belt as tight as could possibly get it. It was such a great feeling to have them too big. I think that I will be in the size 22 jeans that I bought almost 2 weeks ago before I know it.

I have also been cooking a whole lot more. Trying new things has just been awesome! Last night I made my first stir fry dish over whole wheat pasta. It was awesome. Thanks again to youngwoman6703 for her tips on how she makes it. It was very yummy and satisfying. I can't wait to make it again.

Because this is not my regular journal and I can't filter these posts.....or I chose not too, I have to be very careful as to what I say......but one thing I know for sure.....(only people on my regular journal will get this) when the dust has settled we plan on buying a small apartment size deep freezer. I have wanted one for a long time now and it would be such a benefit to this life style change. We both love chicken and fish etc.......when stuff goes on sale at the grocery store I can only buy so much of it because I don't have any place to put it. Our freezer that it attached to our refrigerator is so darn small. I would love to be able to cook meals on my days off and put them in a freezer so that all I have to do it microwave them and eat. It would be such a huge bonus for us both when we can do this, and I am very excited about it.

I have so many ideas and plans but it does kinda suck when you are limited to certain things and can't always do what you want too.

Great things to look forward to in the future.

Still need to get on a regular exercise routine though.
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