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Stresses pros and cons

I had an official had a revelation.


Since we went on our trip to Charleston SC I have really not been taking the best of care of myself. Eating almost everything in sight, not counting my calories and not exercising. I thought that it would have taken a toll on my body. The only thing that I have noticed is that I have felt a slight bit sluggish. I should have gained weight but I stepped on the scale this morning whilst packing just for shits and giggles and to my surprise I have actually lost weight. Wow what stress does to a persons body. I have been under a huge amount of it over the last 2 months and it has only increased the past several weeks and is climaxing as I type this.

Even with my bad eating habits I have been able to lose the weight. Although I am both surprised and excited about the loss I know it is not the way to lose it. When we get settled into our new life I know that I will yet again have my work cut out for me. Getting back on track with eating right and starting a regular routine of walking and other fun movement.

For right now I feel as though I do not have much control over what I put into my mouth because of how I feel. Yes, everything that I have learned about being an emotional eater has been shoved to the back burner. I have not forgotten it by any stretch of the imagination but it is not a #1 priority either.

I will get where I need to be when I am done stressing over this huge, giant move. Just give me 6 weeks till all the dust has settled.
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